Used cars VW Golf 4 & 5

April 15, 2011

Germany’s favorite car, the VW Golf, is also used more than worth considering. The last two series, the Golf 4 Golf 5 and are both cars, with long-term quality. The Golf4 built by 1997 to 2006, convinced a comfortable and manageable chassis offers, thanks to the four airbags, ABS and ESP from 99, lots of security, good seats and great workmanship. The engine line ranges from the SDI with 68 HP, up to the high-flyer R32 with 240 hp. Most popular and one reason election, the 1.4 16v, 75 bhp, as of 2002, the 1.6-liter FSI direct injection. But even more popular are the models with TDI engines. To date, the majority also retrofitted with particulate filters on board, it produces on the Golf 4 was not the factory.

Checklist for Used Golf 4

-Its biggest weakness in the Golf 4, especially in the TDI’s are the air mass meter and the timing belt, it is the purchase to pay particular attention.

-Increased oil consumption in 2l petrol

-Broken windows, loose seats, creaking door locks

-Rubber bushings on the rear axle, exhaust system and manifold, one look can not hurt

-Loose hose clamps can be a reason for cooling water loss

Lots of space, comfort and an excellent chassis, also provides the successor Golf 5, built by 2003 to 2009. It is larger, has a versatile interior and offers the highest level of security. The engine range is large, ranging from the Golf 5 1.4 L SDI 75 bhp, also by about Pops, R32, with 250 hp. The 1.6 l in the Golf 5 is a good choice, who travels a lot for which a TDI is in question and for the fun, a GTI is waiting for a new owner. From 2006, the TSI engines come with it, and also for switching muffle and a recommendation to the DSG gearbox.

Checklist for a used Golf 5

-The 2.0 TDI in the Golf 5, has a rather fragile cylinder head, which pulls you.

-Caution also Tuning

-ESP control unit faulty

-Sometimes the electronic spins

-Occasionally, it squeaks and creaks in the Golf 5

-Be sure the drive shafts take a close look, they are a weak point on the Golf 5

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